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Number of Articles: 5
1. Associations between Dietary Acid Load and Migraine Headache Severity and Duration among Women: A Cross-Sectional Study

Volume 4, Issue 2, Spring 2021, Pages 93-103

Moein Askarpour; Ali Sheikhi; Faezeh Khorsha; Mansoureh Togha; Khadijeh Mirzaei

2. Frequency of Unconventional Treatment Use in Psychiatric Patients

Volume 4, Issue 2, Spring 2021, Pages 104-109

elaheh yousefi; Alaleh Bahramian; Mohammad Reza Najarzadegan; Amir-Abbas Keshavarz-Akhlaghi; Kaveh Alavi; Amir Hossein Jalali Nadoushan

4. Principles of Writing Review Articles

Volume 3, Issue 2, Spring 2020, Pages 61-67

Mahdi Mashhadi Akbar Boojar; Mahla Molla Dizavandi

5. Massive Hemoptysis due to Isotretinoin in a Young Man

Volume 1, Issue 2, Autumn 2018, Pages 96-98

Seyed Ali Javad Moosavi; Seyed Arash Javad Moosavi; Hanieh Raji