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Complications and hospital outcome of methanol toxicity in patients admitted in a northwest toxicology referral hospital of Iran

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 27 May 2023

Avin Shakiba; Maryam Zaare Nahandi; Ali Ostadi; Ali Banagozar Mohammadi

Effect of Variable Substances on Sexual Function: A Narrative Review

Volume 2, Issue 5, July 2019, Pages 112-119

MOhammadreza Shalbafan; Sonia Donboli; razieh salehian

Effects of Alcohol on Pulmonary Function in a Healthy Population

Volume 2, Issue 5, July 2019, Pages 143-147

Seyed Ali Javad Moosavi; Bijan Dabaghian; Mahdis Vakili; Hanieh Raji