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Current Issue: Volume 3, Issue 4, Autumn 2020, Pages 175-218 

4. The Effect of First- and Second-Line Antiretroviral Therapies on Lipid Profile of HIV/AIDS Patients

Pages 193-199

Mehrnaz Rasoolinejad; Ali Asadollahi–Amin; Omid Dadras; Alieh Pourdast; Syyedmohamad Ghavam; SeyedAhmad SeyedAlinaghi; Masoud Jafari; Malihe Hasannejad; Banafsheh Moradmand-Badie

5. Evaluation of the Safety of Ovarian Preservation at Early Stage of Endometrial Cancer in Premenopausal Women

Pages 200-204

Elham Shirali; Mitra Modarres Gilani; Fariba Yarandi; Omid Hemmatian; Azar Ahmadzadeh; Zohre Kazemi; marjan ghaemi

Letter to editor

7. Fighting COVID-19; Governments or the Masses?

Pages 211-213

Rahim Badrfam; Atefeh Zandifar

8. Non-Pharmacological Interventions to Improve Quality of Sleep during COVID-19 Pandemic

Pages 214-215

Mir Farhad Ghalehbandi; Fahimeh Saeed; Fatemeh Kashaninasab

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